Wednesday, January 23, 2013

The Goodwill Girl

While on vacation a married swinging couple go shopping at a local store. The man is hit on by a beautiful woman while he is at the checkout stand. She makes plans to meet him and his wife at their hotel room where the three of them very much enjoy each other's company.

This is a short book of about 6200 words. Here is an excerpt -

…I sat my drink on the nightstand before taking the girls drinks from them. After I did their now free hands began exploring each other's bodies. Their kissing continued to build passion and each of them began to moan softly as they embraced each other. “Would you like me to draw a bath?” I asked to which my wife nodded in the affirmative.

I turned the water on and rinsed the tub before pulling the stopper and allowing the hot water to flow in. I set towels out, one for everyone and one on the floor to prevent anyone from slipping when they got out. The only thing I wanted slipping tonight was my * slipping in and out of each of these two women.

As the water filled the tub, the girls began to undress each other. I sat in the chair that Brooke had been sitting in earlier, between the bed and the tub, and enjoyed the view. Both dresses fell away quickly, as did each girls lacey panties and bras. They both stepped into the tub and sat next to each other facing my direction. What a site to behold, both of these beauties soaking in the huge bathtub, right in front of me…

Husband Gets A Pass - FREE BOOK!

While a man is away on a business trip, his wife arranges for another woman to meet him in his room. The couple, who are swingers, have been with this woman and her husband in the past, but it do not end well, so his wife arranges for a do-over.

This is a short book of about 2700 words.

Here is an excerpt -

…"Are you sure about this baby, we have never done anything separate before," I said to my wife as I paced the floor of my hotel room.
"I told you that you could have a hall pass," my wife answered, "But just for her and just for tonight. I know that you like her and I know that the last time we got to play with her we were interrupted. I said that you can have her and I want you to do it."
In my mind I replayed the events of the last time that my wife and I were with Julie and her husband. A few months had passed but I remembered it like it was yesterday. We were at a swinger club that we often frequent and were having a great time. I was immediately attracted to Julie when I saw from across the room. My wife and I talked to her and her husband for only about fifteen minutes when mention was made to get a private room. So we did and only a few minutes later all of our cloths were in piles on the floor and we were going at it…

Sworn To Protect And To Serve

A police officer gets a call at the end of his shift that turns into a sexual encounter with the woman who reported the call.

This is a short book of about 6200 words. Here is an excerpt -

… I let loose of her breasts from my mouth and grip. I pushed my hips forward just enough to press the tip into her, but no more than the tip. I moved back out of her and pressed the tip forward into her again, and again, teasing her each time. She bucked her hips up in an effort to get more of me inside of her but I reacted, denying her. I then pulled away from her completely and I crawled down between her legs. I put my tongue on her and began to lick …


Birthday Surprises Are Best Served Nude

Autumn, a beautiful house wife plans a birthday surprise for her loving husband. She sends him off on some errands while unbeknownst to him, she is preparing for a surprise that will leave them both satisfied.

This is a short book of about 5100 words. Here is an excerpt -

…As I entered the room I could see Autumn, still in her red robe sitting in my chair right where she was when I left. Only now her hair was damp as if she had just got out from the shower. She had that freshly showered and still a little wet look that she knows I love so much. I then noticed that she was wearing her black thigh high stockings and black heals. She looked scrumptious, I wanted to eat her up right then and there.
"Did you get everything on the list?" she asked as she sipped from a glass of what appeared to be ice water.
"I did," I replied and proceeded to empty the bags onto the counter. "Whose cars are those out front?" I asked.
"You will find out soon enough," she answered. "Go take another shower, but use the guest bathroom this time." She ordered. "Everything you need is in there. When you are done, put on your robe and then come to the bedroom." Those were her last instructions before she got up from the recliner and walked to the back of the house…

About Me

Thank you for taking the time to visit this page and read about me and my works. I am a thirty something year old, happily married man. My wife of 10+ years and I are real life happy swingers. We love to play with others in the Lifestyle every chance we get. Doing so has afforded us many opportunities to play out each others fantasies and try to quench our thirst for sex. We have had, and continue to have a lot of fun and are meeting new people all of the time.

For many years it has been one of my ambitions to write. Besides the idea of writing fiction and possibly non-fiction, I have toyed with the idea of writing erotica. Erotica seemed to be a natural starting point for me and have now completed and publish my first few short books at Below you will find a link for my authors page. is, in my opinion, the best place to buy your books because they are truly cross platform (you can read them on any device) and the are DRM free!

I hope you enjoy my works and I welcome any feedback you have for me. I do not have editors (other than my wife) nor do I pay anyone for their time or ideas.

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