Wednesday, January 23, 2013

Husband Gets A Pass - FREE BOOK!

While a man is away on a business trip, his wife arranges for another woman to meet him in his room. The couple, who are swingers, have been with this woman and her husband in the past, but it do not end well, so his wife arranges for a do-over.

This is a short book of about 2700 words.

Here is an excerpt -

…"Are you sure about this baby, we have never done anything separate before," I said to my wife as I paced the floor of my hotel room.
"I told you that you could have a hall pass," my wife answered, "But just for her and just for tonight. I know that you like her and I know that the last time we got to play with her we were interrupted. I said that you can have her and I want you to do it."
In my mind I replayed the events of the last time that my wife and I were with Julie and her husband. A few months had passed but I remembered it like it was yesterday. We were at a swinger club that we often frequent and were having a great time. I was immediately attracted to Julie when I saw from across the room. My wife and I talked to her and her husband for only about fifteen minutes when mention was made to get a private room. So we did and only a few minutes later all of our cloths were in piles on the floor and we were going at it…

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